Back Braces

Got Back Pain?

Get Relief with a supportive back brace
at little or No COST

Today’s Back Braces are SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT, fit discreetly under clothing,
reduce pain, allow for healing, make you feel more comfortable and
are covered by most insurances.

Avoid more pain pills or surgery.

You can be eligible for a back brace if your back hurts when...

  • Getting in and out of bed or a chair?
  • If I stand or sit too long?
  • If I twist, bend or reach for something

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Hot and Cold packs included with most styles!

Discovery 10

The Discovery 10 features a unique universal sizing system that fits nearly everyone in just 2 sizes. Our easy-to-use pulley system and pull tabs make it easy to achieve optimal support for effective pain relief, even for patients suffering from arthritis. The Discovery’s breathable fabric promotes air flow and helps keep patients cool and dry over long periods of wear. The Discovery 10 features a removable 15” posterior panel and lateral support panels, giving patients the option to truly customize their level of support as needed.

Evotec MAX

OPTEC's Evotec features the Vertamax brace with increased support from its chair back plastic posterior panel which provides unparalleled anterior (front), posterior (back) and lateral (side) support. The anterior plastic panel provides increased abdominal support, while the posterior panel surrounds the torso and can be easily molded to your patient’s curvature. Evotec is highly breathable and made of state-of-the-art materials that provide greater compression, support and comfort.

More styles available