Did you know?

Did you know that if your primary insurance has changed since you received your power wheelchair, your new insurance may not pay for repairs BUT they may cover a NEW power chair instead! Call us for details.

Need A Repair?

Southern Mobility fully stands behind manufacturers' warrantees on all equipment we supply. Any defects or problems will be evaluated and serviced by one of our trained repair technicians. Service Fees: All repairs covered under warranty will be completed at no charge if confirmed as defect by manufacturer. If service is after the warranty period and you have primary & secondary insurance coverage and have met deductables/ copays, the repair parts and service will be billed to your insurance company at no cost to you. Any non warranty repairs, damages, non covered charges or lack of insurance will be the patient's responsibility. Service requests for adjustments or other uncovered services may require a minimun service trip cost.

Before you call, see if any of the situations below reflect your issue and may not require a service call, but instead, may only need an easy adjustment that you or a family member can make on the spot.

  1. "When I turn on my chair, the lights flash a few times then the lights turn off."
    Your chair may have gone into a "sleep" mode to save power. This can happen if the chair sits for a few minutes without use. Try the following 2 solutions - first, with the chair off, push the power button on, and then immediately push the horn button 2 times; OR second, with the power off, push the power button on, then immediately push the joystick knob forward until you hear a beep, then push the joystick knob backwards until it beeps again. Both of these actions will bring a power chair out of the sleep mode.
  2. "When I turn on my chair, the lights scroll back and forth and the chair won't move."
    The chair has 2 levers on the base that allow the chair to move in the "free wheel" mode. The levers are located on the base, either on top of or below the cover . The knobs put the chair in "neutral", like an automobile, so it can be pushed or moved without power. If either of the knobs are not locked into the drive mode, the chair will not work. Check to make sure both knobs are in the drive position, which can be checked by trying to push the chair. If the drive tires on both sides of the chair will NOT roll, then the chair is now in drive and should work with the joystick. Turn the joystick off, then back on and it should work.
  3. "When I turn on my chair, the lights flash and the chair will not work."
    Make sure the charger cord is unplugged from the power chair. As a safety feature, the chair will not function if still attached to the charger.
  4. "I just acquired a used power chair or scooter and it won't hold a charge."
    More than likely, the batteries need to be replaced. Most local battery stores carry replacement batteries. They can test your batteries and charger to verify what may need to be replaced.
  5. "I received my power chair from a different company that is out of business and my chair is not working properly."
    You can directly contact one of our nationwide repair companies that can service your chair and they work with most insurance companies, including Medicare and most private insurers.